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Gizmo Demands that I PERNEMANTLY remove authorization of my own device.

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I have IXEG737 in my stock and I haven't touch X-PLANE for like half a year. I launched X-plane today. Gizmo prompts that I enter my account and password. After that it told me to name my device. I did as suggested and now it prompts that I have installed 3 copies already and I have to deauthorize one of them PERNAMANTLY. The problem is all three devices listed in Gizmo are the very same device (they are of the same name that I've just entered). There are also some last time of use info, like 2018, 2019... 


It looks like that Windows update may lead to Gizmo failing to recognize my device. What should I do for now. I can't risk deauthorizing PERNAMANTLY the only one device that I install IXEG737. (All three devices list in Gizmo shares the same device name and I install IXEG737 on the very same device every time)

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1 hour ago, Litjan said:

I always make it a habit to also add a date to the "name" of my device...like "Jans Laptop November 2020" - then you immediately know what to FREEZE when there is a Windows update that triggers the "new machine" thing.

Cheers, Jan


That said, the de-authorize screen shows the date as well even without this in the name! :)

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