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Weird Haze Layer


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Have some troubles with visuals , see following screen shots. I tried changing settings in Xplane and in SMP also. Sometimes it helps changing the skycolors but mostly not. This happen all of sudden during the flight after some time. On ground it is looking normal, it is a strange layer between 4000ft and FL100. It seems it want drawing overcast even cavok. Changing overcast textures help sometime. Just wanted to report it.

X-Plane Settings: 


At Night:




from higher altitude:


SMP deactivated in Plugin Admin:


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Weird... do you remember what overcast setting you had selected when you saw this?

Also, is this with the latest version of SMP ( This looks similar to a known issue that was fixed in 4.9.6.

Finally, make sure your graphics drivers are reasonably up to date. 

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