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Return to Previous Version of Payware Aircraft

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Hi.  I it possible to 'return' to a previous version of an aircraft?  I have found that the latest version of the BN22 and the PT19 worked better on my machine than the latest model- on both aircraft the frame rates have decreased markedly.  The BN22 used to give me 30fps (with open GL)- now I get about 21 fps on my mac (with metal); the PT19 could achieve 21-23 fps but the update now only delivers about 15fps, even at very low graphics settings with 418mb of textures loaded.  At least I could use the older versions!

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No, this is not possible. In addition, I have absolutely no idea why either of these aircraft would perform "better" over the other. In the case of the PT-19 especially, there was absolutely NOTHING done to affect any kind of performance.

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Hi Cameron- thanks for your reply.  I do understand what you're saying and it may seem absurd but the frame rate monitor doesn't lie!  I've been in the coastal region in Mozambique on the sim for a week or so now- there's no add-on scenery and the first version of the PT 19 works much better than the update, even with the sparse default scenery in the region.  


I still have the download zip file for the first version of  PT19- would this simply download the upgraded model?




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