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Two questions abouts the flaps and the clock

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With all the great attention to detail, the Avitab issue fixed, and some other questions (like the RPM gauge) already answered, I only have two very small questions left:

- I know the flaps are mechnically controlled by the flap lever, but compared to other planes that have this mechanism (the Eurofox/Kitfox/Cub ones, the Robin DR400, and a few others), the movement is really fast, the pilot is really janking that lever and the flaps drop like a barn door. I think a slightly slowed down behavior would be more realistic, and easier to control (although in 99% of the cases, you won't use the flaps at all).

Update: I should have added:  when using the 'flaps up/down a notch' binding.

- Manually controlling the flap lever, it seems infinitely adjustable, instead of having discrete positions for full down and half way down. The real lever has notches, so I think it would work better if the lever also 'snapped' to these positions. The lever also seems to move a lot more in the real plane, the full down position almost completely vertical (picture from the Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions)


- When setting the time on the clock, the seconds hand spins around like crazy. From what I've been able to find online, only the minute and hour hands should move when setting the time. Also, out of easy of use, would it be possible to make it work with the scroll wheel? And do I actually need to wind it every 8 days (for bonus points)?

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Added detail on the flaps part
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From my experience regarding the flaps lever, it behaves similarly to a parking brake mechanism in your average car. It does have detents, yes! But those aren't labeled detents as you would see in most other aircraft (which would read a certain degree of flap actuation for any specific flap lever position). Since i couldn't realistically implement the detents (which there are lots of), i decided to let the user freely move the lever; which is more or less how it is done in real life: By look and "feel". X-Plane does, however, recognize and execute on the user's "Reduce flaps" or "Increase flaps" commands, and the user can set half and full flaps that way.

About the clock: Yes, it does have a lot of room for improvement, and i do plan to improve the way it works. The roadmap is to enable the clock to self-adjust itself on startup in order to match local time, and allow for an easier and more realistic tuning mechanic. And also give me my bonus points, because you do need to rewind the clock after 8 days or so, or it'll stop functioning :) You can read more about the procedure on the manual.

Thanks again, ph-kim!

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