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Uncle Jack Simulations Fairchild PT-19 Releasing Tonight!


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We're excited to announce both a project and release date here in one evening. In a few short hours (Saturday, Midnight Eastern Daylight Time) we will be releasing the classic Fairchild PT-19!

As a launch day special the aircraft will be discounted 17% for the first 72 hours only!

Product page is here and released!


It's a popular World War II primary trainer aircraft that's perfect to get your VFR flying and aircraft operation skills tested! Don't let this simple looking aircraft fool you. It's packed with features, including a mechanical wear down of the engine, oil, fuel, and full persistence state tracking. It remembers everything as you left it when you last used the aircraft, down to the cowling screws!

This aircraft goes beyond being a basic aircraft in X-Plane and will be a fun challenge even in the startup process. In addition to the persistence tracking and maintenance care, It also features a fully working and interactive carburetor. You can tinker with the throttle, mixture, and idle throttle for the very first time and see all of the interaction!


With TrueVintage, you can feel the aircraft getting older as you fly her! Not only its systems get wear and tear depending on how you fly, but also physically see the the aircraft accumulating dust, leaking oil, getting its dope varnish crackled down, and the occasional bug splatters on the windscreen.


Personal Mechanic

Take care of your airplane by calling "Jerry", your personal mechanic, and arranging the repairs needed. If you want a crisp aircraft on the outside at all times, you can absolutely keep her shiny by ringing Jerry!

To get you acquainted, here's a fun startup video:


And, we can't leave you hanging with out a few more screenshots! :) 




We'll see you in a few hours for the release!

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That plane with the Norwegian livery I see very often as it´s is based at ENKJ "Kjeller". Kjeller was Norways first airport with it´s first takeoff on the 21 of september 1912. It´s still operated.

The yellow and blue livery was a signal that it was a traineeaircraft.

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Just wanted to say, wow! :D

I'm normally mostly flying utility planes with tonnes of installed equipment, ready for all possible situations and uses. This has no use besides pure realistic flying fun and it's great! :) The physics, the sounds, the graphics, the small immersive touches, it's perfect. I wasn't sure about the model, because Youtube compression, that I used to watch reviews doesn't do it justice, but it's really high quality.

Hard to believe that it's a new developer! Congratulations on a great plane. I hope it's not the last one :)

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