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My first aircraft.

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I need help with control surfaces, they don't move! Can someone make sure the ailerons and elevators move? Also if you can fix this, message me with the new version as an attachment and you will get credit when i post this on the x plane forums and x pilot forums.

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New update! control surfaces move! I am currently developing a turboprop(which I am having trouble with, and if you want to fly it as a glider, set payloads and fuel to zero. I plan to have similar performance to the daher tbm 940. If you have even 1 gallon of fuel or payload, the plane will go totally crazy. Gear is not retractable, so all it can be used for right now is diving and landing. IMPORTANT NOTE: EXTREMELY HARD TO CONTROL. Please don't pay attention to the second post, I plan to update it until it's payware quality for free. I now call it the TBM 940 MAX because it has 737 MAX winglets and everything else is like a TBM 940 except for the vertical stabilizers(V tail)


TBM 940 MAX.zip

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