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I knew I should have taken the SR22 !

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Just dropped the alpilotx NZ Scenery into x-plane so as a test I did my usual scenic milk run (with CAVOK weather because real weather is absolutely pants down there right now) from NZQN across the Alps then up the West Coast to where ever I happen to be when I run out of caffeine. Today it was just south of NZGM so that was where I landed. Decent enough landing but awful taxiing, I got a bit carried away with the beta when I was parking and ended up going backwards, and when I realised I instinctively used the brakes. Doh. Weirdly, even though the prop stopped when the plane tipped back the engine kept running and I couldn't shut it down. I went through all the shut down steps right to cold and dark but no luck, I couldn't even start it again, so I just used the auto engine start function then shut it down again once it was going. Miraculously there doesn't seem to be any damage to the plane.

ps flight was great, as is everything from AFM/Torquesim !





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Ah, X-Plane's failures can be a bit odd with a prop strike or something else they deem a "crash". It essentially pauses large segments of the sim exactly where they were last.

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