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building new machine

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Hello sujit,

There is no need to take action now.

Once you have built your new machine you can install X-Plane and then the IXEG 737 on it.

When you try to run for the first time, the software will tell you that a new hardware system was detected, and it will ask you to specify a "name" for the new hardware system. You can name it anyway you like, but it should be a name that you can remember and that is unique.

If you have already installed the 737 three times or more, it will also ask you to "lock up forever" an older machine (maybe the one you are using now, because you will never use it again). Then you need to specify the name for that machine (from the list) and also type FREEZE to confirm that you really want to lock it.

Warning: Once you FREEZE a machine, you will never ever be able to run the IXEG on it again.

Cheers, Jan


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