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Frame Rates in V1.1.2

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Hi.  Your BN2 Islander is a solid favourite but the low frame-rates experienced in the first version appear to re-surfaced in v1.1.2.  

Yes, my system has a pretty poor graphics card; the first version struggled to clear 8-10 FPS when looking towards the rear of the aircraft.  The second version was a huge improvement and I was getting 28-30 FPS all the time. 

Since updating to XP11.5 (and with Metal drivers activated) most of my extensive collection of add-on aircraft are performing really well at quite high graphics settings- I had high hopes for the latest version of the Islander.  Alas I'm now struggling to get 23 FPS most of the time, with drops on occasion to 19fps (regardless of internal view position).  The immediate suspect was the graphics settings so I reduced these but doing so made hardly any difference- I tried several combinations but without much success- at the most I'd get maybe an additional 1-2 fps. 

Is this an old problem resurfacing or something new?   Hope you are able to help out- you did a great job of sorting a similar issue out last time!

Log copy.txt

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I would think this is probably something unrelated to the Islander 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2 update, nothing significant was changed with the 3D that would have changed anything performance wise. Trying deleting (back up first) the X-Plane preferences might be a good start to try to get it working.

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Hi again.  Thanks for the advice- resetting the preferences didn't make any difference so I tried using OpenGL instead of 'Metal" (Mac computer).  With Metal I was getting 22 FPS inside and out; with open GL I got 33FPS inside the cockpit but an almost complete crash down to 4fps for the external views.  Removing the Librain file usually helps with this on a Mac but not on this occasion.  Don't know if that helps?

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