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Oxygen System/Engine Issues

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I've been noticing issues with the oxygen system. Sometimes it doesn't turn on, other times it won't turn off, even after shutting the bird down. Also, in general, the engine parameters act weird. Please be aware of these issues for the next update (hopefully soon). 
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The oxygen system has had an overhaul on the interface as there were some bugs that cropped up. These fixes will be in the next update. We also have made some significant tweaks/improvements to the engine tuning.

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Can't fly over 12000ft in the SR22TN due to missing oxygen.

Tried the non-turbo version yesterday. Here the oxygen function worked...

There seems to be a difference  between the SR22 and the SR22TN

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I've also had an oxygen system-related problem. After using it for the first time it's now giving me an "oxygen fault" annunciation on the PFD which won't go away. I tried filling the O2 system from the maintenance page and cycling the appropriate fuse on the circuit breaker panel, without success. I found a reference to this specific annunciation in Garmin's Cirrus Perspective manual, but there's no explanation about what it signifies or how to fix it. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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