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What is This Called and How Do I Trigger It?

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3 hours ago, N265AB said:

Ok, what is the "CB Light" on the left and how do I see it in action? And what is the thing on the right with the cover?



CB light controls a lamp that illuminates the circuit breaker panel below the right side window. Turn it on then look to your right to see it in action. 

The thing on the right is the Oxygen Mask Microphone Switch. Push the switch to enable the microphone in the oxygen mask. 



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2 hours ago, Goran_M said:

Just a quick FYI, there is a documentation folder with manuals that will answer all your questions.  It'll save you from posting in here and waiting for a response.

Yes, thank you, I know. But it's very incomplete, at least what I've seen. What is the title of the document you had in mind?

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15 hours ago, Goran_M said:

So far, the answers to your questions can be found in the Quickstart guide.

Thank you, Goran. I must have missed the QuickStartGuide.pdf" and indeed a number of my questions were answered by reading it today. I do have some additional questions as a result, which I'm posting separately.

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Edit: Ignore what I typed below as I searched for "cb" in my original search query instead of "circuit breaker."  The quick start guide does address the "CB light" switch.


This plane has great documentation overall, though I would like to  point out that the question about the CB switch is actually not addressed in either the HotStart Quick Start Guide or the UI Guide.  (Nor the official  TBM 900 Pilot's Information Manual for that matter.)  I had to find the answer here and I originally thought that "CB" stood for "cabin" and not "circuit breaker."  So I am very glad that @N265AB asked the question.

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