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SkyMaxx Pro not available!


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Hi everyone,

My company has recently invested in skymaxx and terramaxx for our simulation environment. I was able to install and use both of the packages on our test machine with no issues and both packages looked fantastic!

However, I then installed both on our 3-machine wraparound simulation environment using exactly the same process as before; terramaxx worked but for some reason skymaxx is not showing up in the plugins menu in x-plane - so we can't use it! we used exactly the same installation process and the folder 'silverlinings' is in it's correct place in the resources/plugins/ folder - so we are really not sure why it isn't showing up in x-plane!

I have also checked in the activate/deactivate addons menu in x-plane and it doesn't show up in there either. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling with the non-beta version of gizmo.

Does anyone have any tips or troubleshooting strategies which might help us get this working? it's really disappointing to not be able to use this great product in our flight sim!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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That's weird - it does sound like some sort of installation issue. The installer, however, is the one part of the software I didn't write - so I'm going to tag @Cameron to see if he has any thoughts.

Might help if you could post your log.txt and GizmoLog.txt files from a machine where it isn't showing up; there might be a clue in there.

Contacting X-Aviation for support couldn't hurt either: https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/contact_us.php

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