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I second this, engine sound is much to weak in cruise flight now, it may be more realistic then before but not enjoyable to me, no matter what I do to the noise cancelling it's getting on my nerves pretty soon while I really enjoyed the older engine sounds. I see there are some subtle improvements in the sound overall, the second fuel pump for example is now audible and when taxiing it seems more polished now but engine sound in cruise is a step backwards I think.

Further, there was a pretty cool engine crackling sound after shutting down the warm engines, this is barely noticable now. And at last the left fuel tank selector does not produce any sound while the right one does.

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7 hours ago, CedGauche said:

The engines sounded so more powerfull in 1.1.0, but in 1.1.1 they sound too weak, exp. in the outside view

I totally agree. The sound doesn't sound like a BN-2 anymore, there's actually a lack of bass and also the rattling. I hope for an update there as well.

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Yes, agreed on the engine sounds needing either updated or reverted back to 1.1.0. Also, has anyone else noticed the Doppler effect is now messed up with version 1.1.1? I'm sure they will address this but an update for the sounds will definitely be appreciated! :) 

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