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Fighters - Super Etendard Modernisé, SEM

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Super Etendard Modernisé, SEM

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Following a request from a SEM fan, (He will recognize himself, I'm sure).

I adapted, with the authorization of the FSX SEM authors, The SEM for x-plane 11.

It is a 3d model, with now a quality 1K texture.

The 1k texture is converted to 4K, but I have to improve these textures soon to make real 4K, also PBR.

The plane is therefore not finished, it is a first raw model.

There will be automatisms with lua files.

I still have to model the 3D cockpit and several improvements.

The plane is fully animated and VR in version 3d cockpit.

Good flight


thank infinitely , for the 3d model of FSX, and texture 1k

Frank Safranek



for giving me permission to transform the FSX model into an x-plane model 11

. The creators FSX are:

Romain Lucas

Laurent Lucas

Eric Marciano

Frank Safranek


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