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TBM900 Cockpit Framerates

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Yeah.... i know xp11 is in beta.....but i bought the tbm because on your homepage it’s mentioned that it is vulkan compatible. 
I reinstalled and removed plugins but still absolutely heavy stutters. 
Also when engaging the power/battery the gear suddenly collapse. 

Its such an awesome plane - but at the moment unusable. 
For such a big investment/money i tought you get quicker bug updates ! 
Also because of the mentioned Vulkan ino !!

I hope you fix it soon !

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The fact you're getting serious stuttering tells me you either have incompatible plugins installed on X-Plane Vulkan, or your hardware may need upgrading.  Without a log file, we can't determine what the problem is.

The TBM works fine on vanilla X-Plane.  

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I really don’t know but most of xplane users do have addons or plug-ins installed ( thats the xplane community ) and not fly vanilla. 
Its easy for dev to say „oh sorry“ for troubles that the plane isn’t working - but in vanilla xplane it works. 
I really use plugins with good reputations so i think ever bevor install it. 
But ok - other planes work good especially IXEG 737........

I hope someday your plane works as well as it should. 

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The TBM systems coding is extremely complex and advanced and makes much more usage of your additional CPU cores and other system resources than any other product I know of.

I suggest turning down some of X-Plane graphics and quality details to free up some system resources for the TBM to share.

If the problem clears up or improves than the cause is a basic overload of hardware resources.


Please also attach a copy of X-Plane / Log.txt to your next post so that we can have some idea of what your X-Plane install looks like including scenery in use and plugins installed.

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@air320 As a typical XP user I can assure you that the TBM works very well with the current XP beta and / or the stable version.  While it is complex it is also pretty nicely optimized for XP.  I own other "less complicated" payware aircraft where my fps is lower - still very nice, but lower.  And a lot of tried and true add-on's.  Please take the advice given above and attach a log.txt from your last TBM flight.  Don't just give up on this excellent model.  There has to be something else going on.  

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A trick I found that works well to eliminate stutters on Vulcan is to set "maximum frame rate" in NVidia control panel to around 35. I have a high end system and before I was getting 70 fps or more, with settings mostly maxed out, but the stutters were horrible at the same time. Now I get a solid 35 fps but NO stutters. The TBM is smooth as butter inside and out. 

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