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Good evening,

First off, congratulations on 1.32! It's truly a remarkable add-on.

Was wondering if we could have an option of TRK up vs the current HDG up on the ND? A small feature but it seems a lot of carriers use the TRK up (and most other add-ons do as well).

Additionally, Fuel Flow in LBS on the fuel flow gauges would be fantastic!

Thank you!

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Thanks for the nice words.

Yes, the request comes up again and again and it is duly noted and acknowledged (even though I think it is fundamentally wrong to fly with track up :P).

I will run this by Tom and we will see how easy it is to implement. It may sound like a small thing, but usually these small things have bigger ramifications (as all of the drawing on the EHSI would be affected by it)...

The FF labeling issue is already on our list and will be taken care of with one of the next updates - I think it is actually of a fairly high priority...can´t have wrong units displayed, that is highly misleading!

Cheers, Jan


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