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TorqueSim BN-2 Islander RXP GTN750 PopUp window no Bezel


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Recently I bought the BN-2 Islander from X-Avitation. I like the airplane very much. There is only one anomaly that I encounter. The popup window of the RXP GTN-750 has no bezel. Because of this I cannot move the popup window over the screen. Also the buttons on the bezel like the important D-> (Direct-to) button is missing for the lack of the bezel. See the attached screenshot. In the default (startup) position of the RXP GTN-750 object it has a bezel. It works OK (see 2nd screenshot). For a good working/useable RXP GTN750 popup window with bezel see the 3rd screenshot. Help/Correction is very much appreciated.




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@iandiss Unfortunately your solution does not work for me. The software (re)sets the value of "nobezel" to "true" after I set it to "false".

The only thing that worked was to set "undocked" to "true" which gives me a window border on the top with a window title. This enables me to move the popup window to move over the screen.

Screenshot (1839).png

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@iandiss After editing the properties > security rights for user "SYSTEM", which I denied "Total control" and "Write", so in fact: readonly right left, I ran XP11.50 first without admin rights. Now the bezel was there on the GTN750 popup window. Then I ran XP11.50 with admin rights. The same result. See the annotated screenshots.





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