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Any chance of adding a keyboard shortcut for Dome light Dim/bright.  Single pilot is not easy to find it after landing.  For me, Vulcan seems to make all lighting much less intense, to the point where the dome light seems to have little effect? (HDR is enabled).

Would also like a sound effect for the fuel cutoff levers up and down (do they make a noise in real life?)

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Yeah, I was thinking that I also saw things getting a bit more dark with Vulkan...I think adding a command to bind to a key or button would work.

In reality its pretty easy to reach it from your seat, if you are lucky enough to sit in the left one ;)

The start levers do not make a sound if you move them slowly, they will if you slam them. So we would have to tie the sound to the speed of movement...I will give it some thought when doing the FMOD.

Cheers, Jan


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Do you think the lighting in general is now unrealistic?  I was doing some night flights, but had a bit of ambient light in my room, so thought it was maybe due to that, but trying it again, the background lighting, flood and dome etc seem to be less than 50% power than with Open GL.  Not sure if fixing changing that is a major rework, or something that will improve in newer builds.


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