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Hello all,

I am encountering a problem with RWC, SMP and ASXP. I am using the latest versions of the 3 programs (ASXP is the beta version).

It seems that for RWC to begin receive the clouds layers from ASXP I have to change from FSGRW/ASPX weather injection to any other choice and then back to FSGRW/ASXP Weather injection.

See attached screenshot. 
Also, RWC gives me that error when finishing the installation. I have re-installed everything a second time but the error is still there.

Cheers for the help! 



Annotation 2020-06-28 191554.jpg

Annotation 2020-06-28 192933.jpg

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From what I understand, that install error is safe to ignore. It's actually coming from a Microsoft system file installer.

In my own tests with ASXP I'd start up ASXP first and then X-Plane; that seemed to work well. If you start ASXP after X-Plane is running, RWC only checks for new weather every couple of minutes. You can use the "Force Weather Reload" option in the Plugins/SkyMaxx Pro menu to make that happen immediately; it should be easier than toggling the RWC setting.


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7 hours ago, Kiwi0ne said:

Thank you for your help.

I always start ASXP first and then launch xplane. Also, running the Force Weather Reload does not make a difference actually. It's only when I select another option in RWC that the weather starts to show up. 

That tells me ASXP may be misconfigured. You're probably only seeing weather because you asked RWC to get it from a different source.

There's something in the ASXP debug menu that allows you to force it to publish new weather data to X-Plane that you may want to try. And be sure to read the instructions; you need to have X-Plane's weather set to a custom RWX file pointing your your metar.rwx, and select the new SkyMaxx Pro mode in the latest ASXP beta. Or is could be that ASXP did not install properly.

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