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PFC PCATD and Hotstart TBM


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I have an older serial PFC yoke/panel. With it attached, the TBM is always looking at the mixture handle. The TBM just will not start. I engage the starter, and at the proper NG, I introduce fuel via the click spot on the throttle in the virtual cockpit. No fuel is introduced until I push the mixture up on my panel. The ITT immediately spikes and I hotstart/burn up the motor. Without the panel engaged, it works fine. Is there some sort of work around for those of us still using the PFC serial hardware? 

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But I have one, and we cannot clear the mixture inside the sim, because there is no appropiate option without mixture in the PFC-configuration.

Pls. notice my comment on wd's parallel post on X-Plane: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/193088-pfc-pcatd-and-hotstart-tbm/&tab=comments#comment-2104581
So, it results in a software problem, I think, because all 6 pens which are going into the throttle unit are untouched.

And the software problem, I guess, is located on the sim's side, not the PFC-side. But let's see.
Today I contacted Ben Supnik. May he can help and offer a "one throttle" option without mixture into the sim's PFC-configuration.

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