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SkyMaxx Pro v4.9.5 Update Released!

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Hello All,

This will serve as a formal forum announcement that we have released the version 4.9.5 update for SkyMaxx Pro. All customers who have purchased SkyMaxx Pro v4 up till now have been sent an e-mail by X-Aviation with complete instructions on how to obtain your update. We have made this a very simple process! For those that purchase SkyMaxx Pro v4 from today forward, your purchased download will already be updated to version 4.9.5 for you.

What if I didn't get the update e-mail?

If you did not receive your update e-mail don't fret! X-Aviation has updated our system to allow all customers to update with ease, regardless of whether you received an e-mail for the update! Here's what to do:

1. Login to your X-Aviation account here: https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/account_history.php

2. Find your original SkyMaxx Pro v4 download and re-download the file. It will download as the latest version!

This release has experimental support for Vulkan if you are a Windows user.

For Mac users, please be aware Metal is not supported. You may still enjoy this v4.9.5 update when running X-Plane in OpenGL mode. You may read why here.

The following is a list of additions/fixes included:
What's New / Changed:

  • Fixes a bug that caused clouds to disappear entirely from certain views
  • Minor performance tweak

As always, thanks for purchasing from X-Aviation!

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Just tried to install the new version, but Bitdefender Total Security prevented it from installing with the following message "SkyMaxxPro-windows-x64-installer.exe manifests ransomware behavior and was blocked. Several files were encrypted by it and we couldn't automatically restore all of them".

I could add an exception but I am not prepared to take the risk and do that .

Hopefully you can sort this out.




Edited by u103968
Got it working, by manually deleting the Gizmo64.plugin folder in the X-plane resources.\plugin folder.

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What you're describing is a false positive. You can ignore it. There's nothing for us to sort out.

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Malwarebytes is reporting 4 PUP files which are quarantined immediately. Even if Exceptions are made X-Plane freezes. These might be False Positives but with X-plane rendered useless I'm going to go back to my previous working version of SkymaxxPro. 

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I probably have something set incorrectly.  I have noticed after 4.9.4 and 4.9.5 I am experiencing more erratic frame rates and lower than usual. I tried both the fast and the more stable installations and didn't see a difference in frame rate results. I am flying from KJAX to KLGA and all of a sudden the frame rates went as low as 11. I was at FL390 and the weather looked pretty decent to me. Most of the time I notice the lower frame rates when the weather is poor or it's a heavy scenery airport like KLAX. I am using X-PLANE 11.41. Before the upgrades all was very smooth. I haven't installed or done any other updates in the last few months.

My Computer:

iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017)
Mojave 10.14.6
4.2 GHz Intel Core i7
32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4
Radeon Pro 580 8192 MB



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I don't see many clouds in that scene at all, so I doubt they are the primary cause of any performance issue. The memory report in the SMP screen shows that you're dangerously low on RAM, which is probably the real problem.

I would take the warning message in X-Plane at face value; try lowering your graphic settings. Disabling HDR and lowering AA can save some memory. If you have custom scenery installed, that eats up RAM very quickly too.

I've also seen some chatter on Facebook about some recent NVidia driver update and/or Windows update causing problems like this.

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Just want to say this update together with X-Plane 11.50b12 is super stable for me.

Already completed several long flight legs with 0 issues contrary to beta 11.

Using SMP latest, RWC, ASXP and alot of heavy scenery.

So thank you for the constant updates and support.

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