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Landing light


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Hey Nadeem. The landing lights have already been adjusted in v1.3 and above, after a long back and forth between some users and Jan. Now, as Jan is the only one that has seen them in real life during 10+ years, if he thinks they're as they should they most probably are. :D 

Unfortunately if you find them too dark, I don't think there's a fix for you there. Make sure to also use your taxi and runway turnoff lights, if this is not the case, as they're also normally on in night conditions and add greater horizontal visibility than the landing lights alone.

As you see below they don't really light up too much. Have you considered looking at your monitor settings? Possibly your gamma and near black levels are crushing shadow detail, hence you see everything pitch black. Lighting conditions can also play a factor here, if it's monitor based.

Real life examples: 
1) https://youtu.be/qhTIIdyvcIQ?t=154

2) https://youtu.be/iYLG9c8BJDI?t=61


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1 hour ago, nadeem said:


Landing light of the 737-300 is very low that I can not even see the runway properly. I  updated  the  aircraft but still same problem.

Any solution. 


Remeber that the 737-300 still has conventional light bulbs, not fancy xenon or LED stuff. They are quite dim.

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Yes, I think the light level is pretty good the way it is. I realize that the surfaces in X-Plane are far less reflective (bumpy) than a real runway, so it will look like the lights are a bit too dim.

Turn on the taxi and landing light when you approach a building, and you will see that they are already so bright that they will almost burn everything in their way.

It is also a common misconception that landing lights must be super bright so they illuminate at least half the runway.... not so.

Cheers, Jan


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