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Waypoint not loading in FMS + AviTab

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Hi, I just installed the 1.31 update and while loading my flight plan in the FMC I could not use the SERFR waypoint in any RSK. This did not happen with any other waypoint. The Console error was: Callback Dref Hooked setDataf:cdul lsk 5R Onwrite:(string "x slip.utils.lua.ral) attempt to get length of local 'a' (a boolean value).

I have the latest Navigraph fms data as well as the latest FlyWithLua. I also tried with both Gizmos, stable and beta to no avail.

Lastly, the tablet doesn't seem to start automatically from cold and dark. You must deselect and select the Use AviTab option in preferences for this to work.

Your help will be appreciated.

Thank you,


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the crash you had will be fixed with the next (soon) update.

Believe it or not, it will happen everytime you try to manually put in a waypoint with a N or S in front and a E or W in the end... it was introduced when we made the new "conditional waypoints", and the code is checking for LAT and LON inputs (north, east, south, west)...

The Avitab must be turned on (there is a little power button on top of it) - could that be the problem?

Cheers, Jan


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51 minutes ago, sujit said:

respected developer

route-CYVR/26L DCT YVR DCT SEA DCT BUWZO KRATR2 KPDX/10R same here when i entered sea waypoint igot this in latest gizmo beta as well stable




Gizmo64_ImGui.ini 123 B · 0 downloads Log.txt 107.85 kB · 0 downloads


respected customer,

if you read this very thread you have posted in you will find the reason for your problem.

Cheers, Jan


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