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Some feature suggestions


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Hey IXEG team,

I'm loving 1.31 and the aircraft is really starting to feel amazing to operate!

Just 2 suggestions from my side that I think could up the immersion factor of the exterior/interior views:

  1.  Lights casting on the ground/rest of the aircraft - beacon and nav lights casting their respective light on both the ground and the rest of the aircraft (engines, wings etc. in the case of the beacon).
  2.  Flaps shaking effect on landing - (Zibo 737 has this and the effect is really immersive when watching a wing view replay)

Neither are must haves, just suggestions to bring a little extra immersion.

Looking greatly forward to the FMS improvements coming as well as the cargo model!


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Thanks for the suggestions. Lights casting shine may be easy to do - flaps shaking will have to wait until we implement wing flex.

I personally never watch my landings from the wing view as that makes it hard to assess my piloting performance - but I understand that it is a very popular thing to do. People like to recreate on the computer what they are accustomed to from real life.

Cheers, Jan


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