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Report - Gizmo soft crash


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Yes, this is the same error that has been reported - it happens when a waypoint or fix is entered that is NOT in the navdatabase (maybe mistyped or decomissioned or so).

It is clearly a bug on our part and Tom is working to fix it - for now try to make sure to only use valid waypoints on your routings (as in available in the nav database).

Thanks for everyones reports!



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2 hours ago, Litjan said:

Hi Alex,

for our troubleshooting - do you recall if you tried to input any "conditional" waypoints before the above crash happened? Anything with a "/" in it?

Thanks, Jan


Hi Jan,

No conditionals or "/", just selected MYNN runway 32 for departure, sid, transistion and for arrival at KMCO, runway ILS35R with transition, executed the plan and then tryied to clear discontinuity and got the warning, I could be forgetting any step I'm at work now but no conditionals or "/" at all. Hope this helps.


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