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Issues with 11.50b10


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4 hours ago, armstrongm1000 said:

I have a similar issue with my new  StartHot TBM 900 and Xplane 11.50 as follows:

When I enter a Localiser frequency into Nav1 ie 110.9 MHz for 26L EGKK and select Loc1 on the CDI the entry goes green but the code for the Localiser is never shown as it should be, and the green line never shows any cross track information. Although the Nav 2 shows the correct VOR code when the corresponding Frequency is entered ie 114.00 Mhz for the UK Midhurst VOR shows Mid correctly and navigation data is correct. I have tried lots of ways to correct this even totally deleting the TBM 900 and reloading but nothing I have tried works so far. I can confirm that the G1000 in the default C172 Skyhawk works fine I understand that RNAV approach can be used instead but it would be nice to have this issue fixed. 


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