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Gizmo 11.5.12 is here: Download Gizmo 11.5.12 for x86 CPUs, Mac and Windows

Gizmo 11.5.12 Changes

  • Modified OpenAL code, hopefully resolves plugin clash. Not tested, but the code change was "OpenAL context sharing" related.
  • Added: utils.popWebBrowser( url )
    - Can be used to open the default web browser pointed at the specified URL.
  • Fixed and tested gfx.setMaskingTape( x,y, w,h )
  • New Event: OnFirstFrame()
    A new event was added to allow for a consistent place for authors to perform init of their dataref defaults.
    This event is seperate from OnBoot and runs _AFTER_ the ACF has completed loading.
  • Fixes acf.getKIAS() - now returns value in knots instead of meters/second.
    (Thanks Lukasz!)
  • New event: OnForceRedraw()
    A new event was added to allow you to easily catch "exit from WX/Time/Joystick/Rendering/etc" full-screen dialogs that X-Plane uses. This is required for advanced Gizmo use.

Gizmo is now using a watermark instead of a nag-ware "Wait for X seconds" dialog.

Purchase of a Gizmo serial number removes the watermarking, reverting to the fader.

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I haven't released a linux version for quite a while. It can be compiled for Linux, I just don't bother.


Because about three people use Linux.

It's simply not worth my time.

I have lots of better things to do than wait for my laptop to reboot between Windows and Linux.

If more people bought serial numbers I could afford to care about to Linux.

Would you rather sit in a room and fight for freeloading geeks or go to the beach, go for a run and enjoy the sunshine?

Pretty easy choice, really.

Linux users make their own lives hard, they painted themselves into their own idealistic corner. Have fun with that. :D

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Because about three people use Linux.




ok, so we have the source code, we are mighty linux users... we should really go on and get the plugin built on our own effort... shouldn't we?

too bad I failed already  :-[ but I will not give up  :D

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Kind from you, Ben. Obviously, don't spent 4 days on this just for me and a couple of others (well, 3 others as I see things), but if you can get it working, it'll be really appreciated.

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  • Modified OpenAL code, hopefully resolves plugin clash. Not tested, but the code change was "OpenAL context sharing" related.

Thanks for the update Ben.  Not sure if this is the same plugin clash you are referring to here, but if so I'll report that I still get sound scramble coupled with X-Plane crash when using EADTs KLN-90B GPS (uses SASL) with 11.5.12 installed.  Testing process: run GPS without gizmo installed, no crash.  Install gizmo, run GPS, crash.

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Thanks for confirming that we still have OpenAL clash issues. *sighs*

Re: Linux build:

- x-alberto has contributed key pieces of very useful code.

- Multiple Products are coming to maturity that are using Gizmo - they deserve to be able to have all three.

Once I get the build workbench setup for Linux it's not that much trouble, it's just the workshop prep that sucks.

Damn sound, annoying.

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The sound thing affects the STMA U2 too, which also.uses OpenAL sound for a camera click sound which is played when you take a high altitude photo. With Gizmo installed, press camera button, briefly hear the correct sounds, then continuous distortion and noise until i force quit X-Plane. Remove Gizmo, camera click sounds works as expected when you take a photo.

Other than that, 11.5.12 is all good, and the OnFirstFrame() Event is working nicely, thanks for adding it and thanks for the update.

Do you have the STMA U2? If not, and it would be useful for testing, let me know and i'll make a quick donation to cover it.

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Neat. I totally won. how long did that actually take to write? bet it didn't take long with Gizmo. From watching what the other paddle dose, it seems to to follow the ball but is limited in the speed it can move. So get the ball going at a high angle and it will outpaced the other paddle and you will score. Seem like a fairly simple logic to incorporate. Just not sure how you did the actual visuals.

Very neat though. looking forward to seeing your rendition of Wolfenstine 3D :D

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Linux build restored.

I'm not sure if it loads in the sim. (my linux box doesnt have hardware drives, cant test.)

I'm not sure exactly what libs and deps it has right now.

But it does build, and appears to be a valid .so - gdb will inspect it. ldd will also.

Does NOT have LuaJIT built-in yet, but that was simple for the other platforms so shouldn't be a problem.

Am going to release an update with x86 Mac/Win/Lin very shortly.

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