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Feature request: Turbulence suppression

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I have a big favor to ask.  Would it be possible to consider a feature that would provide the ability to either turn off or tone down (by say, a percentage) turbulence.  The problem is that turbulence is (to put it mildly) nauseating for many (including me) in VR.  This is, of course, not a bug as I know you are just feeding X-Plane and Sky-Maxx the real-world conditions.  So this would really be just a comfort option for folks who use VR and find the simulation of turbulence to be very uncomfortable and would like to tone it down or eliminate it.  Thanks!  

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29 minutes ago, Gildahl said:

I thought that the real weather connector actually passed the weather information into X-Plane (which was then acted on by SkyMaxx and X-Plane).  If it doesn't do that, then, yeah I guess it wouldn't be possible. 

Real Weather Connector talks only to SkyMaxx Pro to render clouds. It's not meant to do anything with winds or turbulence.

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That's good to know.  I wouldn't have presumed that they worked together.  On their web page it says that they offer enhanced wind effects, but you are saying these are adjustable (even while leaving real-world effects on).  So for example that means I could override turbulence (say, turn it down or off) while leaving all other wind attributes at their real-world settings, right?  If so, that's what I had in mind.

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