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SkyMaxx Pro v4.9.3 Update Released!

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32 minutes ago, jpalhano said:

I installed version 4.9.3 to see the improvements.
I am still evaluating the performance and quality and I would like a clarification on the design of the clouds as the attached images. They do not seem very realistic, mainly due to the quantity in columns. Is there anything I can configure to improve this?
Thank you.

They are towering cumulus clouds and are shown when reported in METARs. No, they are not customizable by users.



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1 minute ago, Gildahl said:

I haven't personally experienced these in the game yet, but I do agree that the sameness doesn't look too realistic.  The morphology of towering cumulus varies quite a bit as shown here https://bmtc.moodle.com.au/mod/book/view.php?id=5580&chapterid=4107.  So might be nice to eventually work some variety into the representations.


We have actually explained this in quite a few areas of the forums, so feel free to dig up those discussions in searches, but the short and skinny is we need to keep things within a performance parameter. Adding the variation would cause more memory use and hamper performance. For now, this is what we have.

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