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Mapping Throttle to High Idle/Cutoff Positions

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I have successfully mapped my CH Eclipse yoke to operate the throttle through Flight Idle, advance, retard and Rev/Taxi modes. Works great. What I would like to be able to do is switch the lever over from Flight Idle to High Idle (or back) then by using an unused yoke lever, move it down to Low Idle and Fuel Cutoff and back up to High Idle. Does anyone know if and how this might be done? 

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To all of the good folks who replied to my post and to others asking this same basic question... thank you. Here's what I discovered...

I have my CH Eclipse yoke/blue lever mapped to the throttle. It works very well. I also have a button mapped to activate REV. When I do that and move the throttle it moves into Taxi Range and ultimately Rev Mode. All good. 

I have read a dozen posts trying to explain how to map a switch to move the throttle from Flight Idle to High Idle and back. Nothing seemed to work for me including the LUA script graciously offered by @/Ch.Cole. I read further and one post seemed to say that assigning MIXTURE RICH A BIT to a yoke switch would cause the lever to move left if you move the switch up and right if you move the switch down. Well, not only does it do that, if you switch down (right) and then switch down again it moves the lever to low idle, do it again and it moves it to Cutoff. WOW! The holy grail of throttle automation! So thanks to all for steering me in the right direction so i could "discover" what you were all trying to tell me :lol:

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Does anyone know where I can get a copy of FlyWithLua?  The X-Plained website is closed for new registrations due to COVID-19, so it's currently unavailable for download if you weren't previously a member.   I've never had a need for it until now with the TPM900.


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