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Update Coming, Request your datarefs and commands here

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If you have a request for any specific datarefs or commands, please do so in this forum thread.    We have nearly 600 manipulators in the 737 and exposing every position possible as commands could result in over 1000 commands possibly (I have yet to audit all the positions).  If you count the "feedback" datarefs as well, i.e. "annunciator lights", the list would get very long indeed.  So while we do not mind exposing all these inputs and outputs eventually, we certainly want to focus on the most requested ones first if we don't get to them all by the next update.

So if you have a request for a nominal (button / knob / switch), then don't bother posting as we are actively coding those up now.   But for anything else not so obvious, please let us know.  Note that we're starting with the overhead, pedestal and main panel controls first.

Note that multi-position knobs and switches will have a command for each position, e.g. the left engine start switch (see below):




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There is no dataref for that. We move the thrust levers within our code, without a dedicated dataref - we write directly to the throttle position of X-Plane, iirc.

Cheers, Jan


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It would certainly be nice to have a dataref which will indicate when the throttle servos are active or not. I built a prototype motorised throttle (i.e. pieces of wood and lots of wires and stuff) which uses normal model airplane servos. As I don't have a slip clutch I need to know when the actual servos in the sim is driving the throttle levers so I can switch off my servos whenever the real servos are not active... like when AT ARM in white is shown.

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