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Unable to share airframes


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I just purchased the tbm900. I am very pleased. It is by far the best thing I have ever used in X plane. I use two networked computers (Master and slave each running X plane)  to display X plane on three monitors The TB900 installed and activated successfully on both computers. The display looks ok at first eg. both computers agree when starting out with new airframes. When the master airframe changes, the slave does not follow.

  I am trying to coordinate the instances of the airframes between the two computers so that I can see the same attributes of the master  TBM900 airframe status on all displays. I am getting error 404 and 405 when I try to upload shared airframe or to install a shared airframe on the second computer.
I have read the manual several times , tried numerous ways. I would appreciate any help you can give.

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Hi Albert,

let me pick up your idea, the sharing airframes could be a solution to sync the engine-run on both computers.
But as Goran told, it is not.
Are you satisfied with the aircraft behaviour on the External Computer?
Me not. I have the same configuration as you, and since I control the TBM900 on the Master computer mostly with cockpit displays and external hardware,
I use the External computer with multimonitors for the scenery and sometimes for the outside view of the aircraft as well.

Since I can control the aircaft engine quite well on the master computer, the aircraft engine on the external one sends out fire, smoke and aircraft rollover activities during taxi.
It is impossible to use the external multimonitors as a window, thus I stopped that session after a short taxi event on the apron.
After that, the aircraft on the External is so much damaged that I must create a new airframe.
This behaviour didn't appear on the Default aircrafts or those from Carenado.
I think the TBM900 is too much complex, so that X-plane doesn't supply all the necessary rules for the engine start up.

What's your experience with the aircraft behaviour on the External?


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