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Skymaxx Pro & Vulcan

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Did you not read the reply above your post?

That article specifically addressed and showed screenshots of SkyMaxx Pro. We have been working with Laminar on this extensively.

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2 hours ago, xZone said:

The clouds ( cumulus - fast ) look oversaturated, and after a while they look ok again, and again, saturated.....and so on

Any ideas ??

Do you have this "over saturation"  with Zibo interior/cockpit view? had the same issue but only with Zibo so far , Tbm 900 and default X-plane planes works fine.


i dont think its Skymaxx issue




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Just now, xZone said:

I deleted the X-Plane 11 Open GL 

It was everything okay, before 

Should I try to delete the shaders folder or something? 

I don't understand what you mean by this?

OpenGL is a setting in the X-Plane rendering settings. Vulkan is disabled by default.

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25 minutes ago, xZone said:

Define " computers " please

That's a software issue, not a hardware ...

Computers run software and hardware. Hardware runs drivers. Not all configurations of drivers, brands of GPUs, or even CPUs are the same. Do I really have to explain this to you?

Have you never noticed even different issues in Nvidia vs AMD when it comes to X-Plane?

It's much bigger than just "software". It's what the software runs on.

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Hi only issue I have seeing on latest ver, but im not so sure its SMP was when I turned on Gods Rays, I could see the sun though the Cockpit , had to tone it down to like 35 but it looks nice,, no FPS hit looked really good. Was flying the airfoil 110. Think its the first time ive used it ever.

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