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TBM 900 Strange colouring

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Good evening all,

does anyone know this problem? Flying the TBM 900 brings purple colour on the inside views. Outside it is normal. Starts after some time like heavy noise in photografy. Can't be a hardware problem says my PC dealer, maybe a conflict with the grafic cards settings. Will add the log txt file and a pic. Thanks in advance for your help.

Best wishes,



TBM900 - 2019-09-15 20.04.30.png

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As the data output on the upper left looks crystal clear and not effected at all, I assume it's some filter/shader stuff.

Do you apply some stuff like:

- FlyWithLua scripts modifying art controls

- XVision or Reshade or BlueFx 

How does it behave in other apps or on a clean X-Plane demo installation?

I also see from your log that the TBM suffered a lot of failures/damages die to bad handling of the engine and a structural crash. Maybe that effect is connected to some of the custom failure simulation of the TBM? But I am not sure, as I haven't seen such till now.

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Hi Jakob,

thanks for your reply and your help. True, unfortunately crashed her sort of often as long as I was learning. Pretty complex plane. I have only one Lua script which limitates the frames. But I think I solved the problem this morning. Reduced the Virtual Effects to Middle in the Graka settings and the colour has not appeared yet.



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