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Hello hello :)

A new one, at least for me :/

Log-file attached.


best regards,




2019-08-11 16:14:06 TBM900[except.c:171]: Caught EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
Backtrace is:
0 0000022B8C391CC4 D:\X-Plane 11b2\X-Plane.exe+0000022B8C391CC4 ()
1 0000022DC0857978 D:\X-Plane 11b2\X-Plane.exe+0000022DC0857978 ()


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I am having the same issue as noted above. I didn't do anything to the TBM (which worked fine for countless flights) but when I came back after a few weeks the activation/licensing dialogue box popped up, I entered my email and password but it is failing the activation. I tried resetting my password on the Xaviation site (this site) and using that password and it does not work.. any ideas?

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1 hour ago, Sinny_Fly said:

I am having the same issue as noted above. I didn't do anything to the TBM (which worked fine for countless flights) but when I came back after a few weeks the activation/licensing dialogue box popped up, I entered my email and password but it is failing the activation. I tried resetting my password on the Xaviation site (this site) and using that password and it does not work.. any ideas?

We don't handle activations in the forums.  You'll have to submit a support ticket here

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Hello folks, I've purchased this lovely plane which I enjoy very much. Unfortunately I have been having problems with CTD's. I really haven't been able to complete any of my flights without a CTD. I normally do not post in the forums, but I like this aircraft so much that I felt the need to post to try and get to the bottom of this I hope. I hate to ask for a refund especially if this issue can be resolved. It's just hard to enjoy something that just doesn't work on my machine. I really do like this aircraft and I know just how much time and effort went into designing this aircraft and the code involved.

I have been going threw the various forums looking for as much information as I possibly can regarding this issue. Trying different methods to somewhat debug the problem. I've been following your threads @Goran_M about CTD's and the TBM, and just have no luck. I'm using XP 11.35 and the latest TBM update. I get the famous " TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000 " messages in my log's. Frustrating because as said before in other threads hard to backtrace where that's coming from. My recent crash I just had flying from KCRQ-KL35 I've received a different log which caught my eye and thought worth uploading here below. I was using  OrthoXP in this situation, but I have had crashes with it disabled using only default scenery . Maybe this log report can shed some light to the issue? I would appreciate any help with this matter.

What I have tried:

-Updating Graphics Drivers. (NVIDIA 1080 GTX TI)

- Disabling all plugins except Gismo and XUIPC for X-Plane.

-Disabled and removed any OrthoXP Scenery

-Any and All AI Traffic including parked planes (only have default traffic and weather to note)

-Re Installation of Hotstart TBM 900

-Removing TerrainRadar

-AviTab removed

To note I've tried various setups sceneries and plugins and just no matter what the TBM and X-Plane CTD.


PC Specs:

Windows 10


System Mobo  Z170MX-Gaming 5

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 TI 431.60 driver (haven't tried new driver that just launched today 436.02 will install)


Log Files:



Thanks again,


Also to Note: If I have too I will do a full  operating system re install including obviously X-Plane 11 if nothing can come about this log file, that will be my last ditch effort to resolve this on my own.

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Wanted to make another point
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Ok so I updated my drivers and performed a CLEAN installation using Nvidia settings, rebooted and had a successful flight from KCRQ- KL35 (Big Bear Lake, CA).

I was trying to induce a crash as well, fiddling with the garmin G1000, flipping threw charts, scrolling through nearest airports, etc.. Couldn't invoke a crash. So I got my fingers crossed I will perform more testing and inducing to be sure, and if I do crash I will post back here with the new updated logs.

I must say it was very rewarding to fly this aircraft and not have it crash from startup to shutdown :) Had a nice landing too.

Thanks Goran for you're help with this matter, I see you posting all the time in the forums helping a lot of people out and going out of your way, something a lot of other developers should take heed too.

I do have another question if I may, I noticed flying VOR radial navigation using the G1000 pilot PFD, the DME option that you can have display on the screen shows NAV1 and NAV2 with the approiate frequency showing, but with not DME distance shown it's just dashed out (- -. - NM) <--- Is that a bug or am I forgeting to activate a button or setting ? Just curious. (To Note I am within bounds of the VOR and tracking VOR radial track with Autopilot, in fact even crossing the VOR station and no DME distance.)




Anyhow thanks again,


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Good to see you got it all working.

Re the DME, it's very likely a Laminar bug in this case.  Our G1000 has had a lot of customisations done to it, but the guts of it, with regards to navigation, is still the stock G1000.  I'll look into it, though.  


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Just do double check: are you sure that the VOR you have tuned in does in fact have a DME associated, i.e. is a VORTAC or a VOR/DME?

For me it does work with both NAV1 and NAV2 receivers tuned in to a proper station. In my opinion LR has actually modelled the DME pretty realistic, meaning that it shows the slant disctance from the airplane to the station, so if you overfly the station directly at FL180 it still shows a distance of about 3 NM.

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Ok to give an update, I have had two more successful flights KCRQ-KL35 and KL35-KRCQ with no issues. Also worth mentioning that I introduced AviTab back into my plugins and using OrthoXP scenery. No crashes... I also have done everything to try and induce a crash that would cause my TBM and sim to fail, mainly messing around with G1000 and such. So three flights successful. Knock on wood :)

I'm surprised at all the issues reading in the previous threads about all the crashes people been having, and that I was having too, that I didn't think my issues would get resolved and kinda lost hope. Thanks to Goran, who was able to point that out  for me, it was a simple fix of performing a clean graphic card driver installation, as it seems so far. I am thankful for that.

Also to point out that the VOR problem I mentioned above, was a matter of selecting a VOR station that wasn't equipped with DME. I selected some different VORs with DME and had no problem getting DME readout information on my PFD. Thanks to @okidokki So that issue resolved and my bad there.

Just thought I would share the update.





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I have been experiencing this problem with the TBM 900 and watching the posts daily for the past few weeks. I think I may be in a unique position to offer some help in troubleshooting as I have 2 different OSes with clean XP/TBM900 installs.

A little history from my perspective.

I initially installed TBM900 on my Windows 10 OS with the latest version of XP (11.35r1) and experienced the 'exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000' CTD issue as widely reported. I tried various method of troubleshooting as suggested in your forum with no joy.

As I am a RW pilot and going through instruments training I use XP quite a bit. My Windows OS is dedicated to only XP with very modest addons/plugins. So I had no problem simply removing XP completely and reinstalling a fresh copy. I then installed TBM900 as my one and only addon product and repeated my normal IFR flight from KSAT to KDFW using G1000. Same results with 'exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000' CTD.

I also run XP on a late mode iMac with 8GB GPU and 24GB memory. This system has a 2TB SSD so I have no problems installing more than one instance of XP. On this OS I installed a fresh copy of XP and TBM900 only. Same IFR flight from KSAT to KDFW using G1000 with similar CTD. I say similar because the logs on the MacOS does not show the exception handler error. Still, CTD with a clean install of XP/TBM900. I have since installed x-camera which I cannot live without but the results are always the same on the same route flown.

The kicker here is that both OSes are running on the same hardware. Win10 running on bootcamp formatted disks and MacOS running on journaled disks. The fact that the same CTD occurs on both OSes rules out a lot of things and brings into focus the GPU which is about all that both OSes share other than memory or disks.

Since I run other addons on the WindowsOS such as Zibo, PMDG777, 737, Carenado PC-12 and others with RealityXP GNS750 with Garmin trainer and addons as well, without problems then there must be something happening with the TBM900 that my system is just not able to handle.

I can afford a new state-of-the-art system but want to make sure that this issue is fixable in a known way.

There are a few more logs of interest in the MacOS that are not present with WinOS but this may not be relatable to the issue at hand. I am willing to test any configuration on either or both of the OSes.

I love the TBM900 with excellent G1000 so much that I'm will to wait for a solution for as long as it takes. This fits so closely to my RW flying and makes my ground school training so much more richer. I have learned things using this config that I haven't been able to easily grasp in RW training.

I will stick with small flight from San Antonio to Corpus and Houston as they are shorter and seem to work fine. It's the longer flight to Dallas that always causes the CTD.

Hope you get this sorted out. I'm here to help in any way I can. Here are my logs from the MacOS. I will post the WinOS logs soon but I'm sure they look exactly like everyone else's.

Note: Yes, I am aware of the hypoxia alerts that show in the logs. I stupidly took off with the cargo door not properly secured and the LFE went crazy at about FL150. I recovered quickly though which shows just how deep the TBM900 is. Well done.

Cycle Dump.txt




Macintosh HD:Users:kbjackson:X-Plane 11:GizmoLog.txt


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Hi kbjackson,

I know how frustrating it can be to get that dreaded exception handler error. I used to get that error at any random time, it could be 10 mins into the sim or after completing a 3 hour leg taxing to the ramp and then CTD with the same error. No backtrace can't even tell wheres it's coming from. Whats even more strange, is when I uninstalled my graphics driver and did a clean install, I have not had that error or any other random CTD's with the TBM. Of course I got rid of the errors in my logs with the graphics driver crashes, but that doesn't explain why I haven't been getting the exception handler errors. Not to mention that error has been reported for sometime, with different patch builds.

Now I have only been doing short hops under an hour at a time since i resolved my issues. So tomorrow I'm going to test some longer leg trips and hopefully no CTD's. Of course like you said up above, other addons plugins etc  they run fine, same for me. Only with the TBM have I noticed this issue as well. However, like Goran said in other posts, not to quote  but something on the lines of, the TBM is very complex code and it could be a number of things not even related to the TBM perse, but rather conflicts with other add-ons, plugins ect. Discrepancies in the code and such with other developers even including Laminar x plane that maybe ?causes the TBM to crash.

I have restored some of my plugins back into the sim with the TBM, mainly AviTab and smartcopilot that I use and no problems so far. Also to note, I'm still not 100% convinced I even solved my own problem, but so far so good. So only time will tell. I will say, before I couldn't even complete a single flight! The TBM would crash, usually after playing with the G1000, flipping threw charts especially , it seemed anyhow. Very strange... I can at least finish my flights now from startup to shutdown lol. Knock on wood..... I really like this aircraft otherwise I wouldn't even of wasted my time :)

With that said, I hope somebody or Goran can help you out maybe identify something in your logs to get you sorted. I know you did a clean reinstall of x plane and tested between Windows and Mac, but for now I could only recommend keep only Gizmo plugin nothing else for testing and uninstall re install your graphics driver and do a clean install of that if you haven't already and see where that takes you. I have a Nvidia chip so in the install prompt there's a checkbox to do a 'clean' install.

I'll keep doing tests on my end and keep an eye on this thread. If I have any problems I'll report them here. Hopefully you can make some progress like I have and get the rid of that pesky error. We shall see.





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Thanks for the feedback Robert.

After posting to this thread I took a closer look at the errors in the logs and found several lines of 'malformed data' that repeats throughout the flight.

Example: "2019-08-23 23:02:16 TBM900[navaiddb.c:512]: Error parsing /Users/kbjackson/X-Plane 11//Custom Scenery/Global Airports/Earth nav data/earth_nav.dat: malformed data on line 643"

This is the TBM900 log file as well as the X-Plane log file. Not sure why this occurs with a clean install of X-plane with on the TBM900 and x-camera installed. I would think this existed before TBM900.

I also found references to the default AI aircraft communicating with ATC and having trouble playing a wave file that is non-existent (sample below). On a whim I removed the AI aircraft and restarted the sim. To my surprise I was able to complete a 1hr, 30min flight from KSAT to KDFW in the TBM900 without incident. Of course this could be pure coincidence and speculation on my part but I will continue testing with one and only change to a pristine install of X-Plane.

1:06:35.812 D/ATC: p=1 (N43XS): Cleared IFR
1:06:35.812 I/FLT: Init dat_p1 type:loc_specify_lle lat:30.426821 lon:-98.680847 ele(ft):17000.000450 psi:135.723053 spd(kts):169.500011
1:06:35.812 D/ATC: p=1 (N43XS): Fly Heading: 87
1:06:35.812 D/ATC: p=1 (N43XS): Maintain 16998ft
1:06:35.812 I/ATC: Aircraft p=1 (N43XS) started airborne as an overflight at 30.426821, -98.680847, 5181.600098
1:07:14.992 I/ATC: BEECH 90 (A90 King Air) 3XS, KDZB altimeter 2 9 9 5.
1:07:14.992 E/ATC: Tried playing a wave file that doesn't exist: 'King'
1:07:14.992 E/ATC: Tried playing a wave file that doesn't exist: 'Air)'
1:07:14.992 E/ATC: Tried playing a wave file that doesn't exist: 'apt_KDZB.opus'
1:07:19.998 I/ATC: KDZB altimeter 2 9 9 5, BEECH 90 (A90 King Air) 3XS.
1:07:19.998 E/ATC: Tried playing a wave file that doesn't exist: 'apt_KDZB.opus'
1:07:19.998 E/ATC: Tried playing a wave file that doesn't exist: 'King'
1:07:19.998 E/ATC: Tried playing a wave file that doesn't exist: 'Air)'

My current plan is to keep a clean install of X-plane with TBM900 only and continue flying around the southwest region for a while. I typically will perform 1 to 2 hour IFR flights in daytime and night.

To make life easier I have 5 copies of X-Plane installed so that I can continue to enjoy the TBM900 as is and other addons as well.

Copy 1: Clean X-Plane install with TBM900 only

Copy 2: Clean X-Plane install with addons of all sorts, including TBM900, Zibo, PMDG, Carenado, Orbx scenery, AVItab and pushback addons, etc.

Copy 3: Clean X-Plane install for testing 11.40 alpha

Copy 4: A backup copy of Copy 1

Copy 5: A backup copy of Copy 2 just in case I mess up my current environment

With a 2TB SSD drive this is easy to maintain.

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Hi again kbjackson,

From my understanding I have read the malformed data relating to scenery and such can be ignored, for the most part. I don't know all the ins and outs to that but, is what I gathered from other threads. Also, I get the same errors too and to take note, I do use Ortho4K scenery. One of the things I love about X-Plane that and smartcopilot. I will say, X-Planes ground handling leaves room to be desired, but that's another topic and not limited to just the TBM. No issues with the custom scenery on my end, so far....

I read somewhere perhaps the AI can cause issues with the TBM. I'm not sure if this applies for default or other traffic addons? My understanding of this is limited. As far as the AI traffic goes, for the first time last night since I have gotten this aircraft stable, I reloaded the AI back into the mix. No crashes. (default traffic) I have also had the same errors "Tried playing a wave file that doesn't exist".... I have no idea whats that's from, or if it is even a factor with the TBM, but I have seen it.

I also let my TBM sit on the ramp yesterday between flights for a couple hours in between; running in the background and started the plane back up did another short flight, no problem and for me I was impressed because this aircraft before the driver reinstall, wouldn't of allowed me to do that. I would of had several crashes in between.

I'm about to start a flight from the San Diego area VFR and head to Vegas with a return trip perhaps. I'll be increasing my flight time between sessions and see if it plays out with no incident. I will also try it with smartcopilot to spice things up a bit, with a friend of mine. Maybe encourage a crash lol, should be interesting. I'll report back with my findings.

Oh and that's a good idea to have separate installs for your X-plane. Is something I need to do for X-Plane and my P3D installation. Would make life easier for testing.



Edit: I'm also going to reload X-Camera as well I miss that plugin. I also use TrackIR for whatever that is worth.



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Yeah, I love x-camera. Thanks for the info on ortho4k scenery. I will give that a go as well. Since my last post I have flown to Dallas from SAT and back with no problems. The TBM900 seems to be working great on my MacOS. On WinOS I couldn't turn on Synthetic view without major FPS sink and severe stutters. On MacOS Synthetic view has literally no impact on FPS. That tells me that there's something wrong with video drivers on my WinOS. 

Now that things seem stable I will try to add some weather and scenery addons to see how far I can get.

Thanks for sharing. Happy simming.

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Glad to hear the TBM is working out for you ! Interesting on MacOS your FPS has no problems with synthetic view.

TBM has been solid on my end as well. Smartcopilot giving me some issues, but that has nothing to do with the TBM on it's own. Think I'm going to have to learn how to mess around with the smartcopilot cfg files. Other then that, nice to finally enjoy this aircraft.

Something I noticed, yesterday I was using the Diamond DA62 from Aerobask; lovely plane btw and I got a crash using instant replay with it, but what's interesting is the way it crashed. Had some of the same CTD symptoms the TBM had when it was crashing on me. Example is everything fine, then a pause with a sound glitch then runs for a sec, then a hang. Only way to exit  is to ctl-alt-del out. So I'm thinking maybe some of the CTD's prior to my graphics card driver re installation with the TBM, may not of even been related directly from the TBM. But rather an issue with X plane some where, never checked the log file could of been a memory thing, who knows.  Just something I noticed, so credit to the TBM there.

Funny, I never thought I would like synthetic vision like I do now. Always thought eh... gimmick lol but after flying with it on the TBM, I actually  miss it on my other aircraft using the G1000 now. To be honest I prefer steam gauges, but I don't know, this G1000 stuff is growing on me, uh oh lol.

May we have many more successful flights. :D



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