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Clouds seem to be more natural now?

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Hey guys,

I recently updated SMP to 4.8.2 and did not expect much of a difference in visuals (I was very satisfied with 4.8.1) but since this update I have the impression the clouds have changed massively, everything seems to look much more natural now, smoother and less synthetical overall - is this right? Or did I just encounter a different weather situation? The thick broken clouds where much darker and more cluttered before I think?


BTW, I got used to the hosek wilkie sky system and I really love it now.















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We made some major changes in 4.8.0 to many of the cloud files which look more natural, in 4.8.2 we made some adjustments to the vertical representations which look far better.


i think you are seeing a combination of both changes impacting the overall look to SMP.


Im glad you are enjoying it!!

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Not in 4.8.2 but in 4.8.0 depending on which overcast layer you select, it may be lighter or darker....Not in front of my pc at the moment but if you look at the thumbnails you can see the progression...

 Frank made changes in .2 maybe he adjusted the lightness and I’m not aware...

Additionally  the fast or soft options for the cumulus representation seem more natural and have more depth....

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Thank you, John.

I think I won't need the softer options as the mix of soft and crisp clouds is exactly what I think looks very natural, SMP now looks better than ever and development seems to head into the right direction in my opinion as everything is getting better - the competition seems to go one step forward and two steps backwards all the time and they are becoming real resource hogs. I hope you won't mess around with the voxel stuff (or if please do it right) which seems to be the lastest hype currently but obviously kills performance completely (and does look average at best).

SMP + RWC gives me better FPS than UWXP in the same situation and it's much faster than the latest xEnviro - with my new CPU (Ryzen 7 3700X) performance, even in heavy cases, is not an issue at all (though I can have faster clouds by tweaking myself but then it does not look as great as it does with SMP). 

I love the very special cloud formations, this is still something available exclusively with SMP + RWC, no competitor cares for stuff like this:







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