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Requesting X-Aviation Hot Start TBM 900 owners advise

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Can X-Aviation Hot Start TBM 900 owners please advise about the fps performance of this plane with 3 monitors (3x 1920x1080) ?

My conf: i7 6700K - 16GB RAM - GTX 1070 8GB

I've been reading posts of people telling about max of 30fps and sometimes much less, I guess with single monitor. If that is true it can go to 15 or even less with 3 monitor configuration.

Of course using Synthetic Vision. Makes no sense to use this plane without Synthetic Vision, just because there are other cheaper options then.

I really want to buy this plane, but not to waste my money if it is not going to work in my config, so any user experience will be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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