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CTD with X-plane 11.34 and TBM 1.1.9


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I have had two CTD (yesterday and right now) with the same versions: XPlane 11.34 and TBM 900 1.1.9

In both cases no messages are included in the logs files at the moment of the crash

However, looking at the event viewer I see the same error previous to the Xplane's crashes:

A TDR has been detected.
The application must close.

Error code: 7
 (pid=11564 tid=16320 x-plane.exe 64bit)


No other plane produces this error. I don't know if this is related with the TBM or it is only a mere coincidence and it is more related with the Nvidia drivers 



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Ok, we need to get a little more drastic now.  Could you please go through your plugins folder and remove all plugins except Gizmo, and then try again.  If no crash happens, replace each plugin, reloading the sim each time, to see which plugins causes the crash.  Then we can decide where we can go from there.  The TBM will run without issue on a bare installation of X-Plane, but some plugins can cause conflicts.  I f we find out what is causing it, we can decide whether or not it's the TBM's fault, or another plugin.

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Thanks for your hard work! After installing my GPU completely new with the newest driver (uninstalled completely with DDU before)  i can't reproduce the crash at the moment...

If the crash happens again, i will try without my plugins to see which one is causing the problem...

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