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Hang on, is that the SAAB I see on the homepage?!

Got ya!



Okay, well kinda.  I'll be flying for the majority of the week, so you all take your sweet time getting it right... I'll be waiting!

Knew I'd get someone!

I've been practising procedures for how to treat the next request for early info/release. It's 'you', in the front truck, asking 'are we there yet'

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* Bad?  You know Plane maker let you use 20 misc objects? I USED ALL IN THIS PLANE!!! Usually I only use 10 or so.. this time the 20.. and even I have to make a trick to put 21 objects instead of 20.

I am going to buy your plane and take all the seats out and strip it down except the cockpit to make it work fast on my old windows box with so-so graphics card and so-so dual core processor using vista 32bit. 

hahahaha  :)

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When discussing performance, you might have noticed the sharp rise in the numbers that Javier published: 25 frames on Core2Duo compared to 90 frames on an i7.

The reason for this is the CRJ is insanely optimized to utilize multicore systems.

Most people these days buy processors with 4, 6, 8 or even (including hyperthreading) 16 cores.

But take a look at your CPU load during the average X-Plane session: X-Plane is unable to utilize more than one core for the flighmodel, and can offload some work (loading) to a second core. Put in another two cores and they are going to stay idle:


Now imagine that: You payed for 4 cores, and you end up using only a mere 40% of what you bought.

With the CRJ I took the rather bold approach to move almost EVERYTHING out of the X-Plane flightloop and heavily utilize threads. Let's face it: Future is not going to bring us 10 GHz CPUs, but 32 x 2.6GHz CPUs.

So here's how it looks like with the CRJ


Every display of the CRJ can run on its own core. That means the CRJ scales up to 8 cores (6 cores for displays, 1 for X-P flightloop, 1 for X-P loader)!

So this is the ultimate reason why Javier reported more than 3.5x more frames on the i7 (4 physical cores + HT = 8 logical cores) compared to the C2D (2 cores). 4 x cores = 3.5x frames. This is almost a linear scale. Most software out there can only dream of scaling with CPUs like this.


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Brilliant work Phillipp!! This really might be the first application that uses my i7 to it's full potential! Just make sure your marketer crows about this feature! Seriously, doing this is game changing, freeing up resources for scenery etc. Well done.

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quick question about the crj using multiple cores. If I only have 2 cores will i still be able to run the crj just fine? or will it slow my FPS because it is supposed to run on 4 or 6 cores?

The CRJ is not "supposed" to run on any number of cores. It purely takes ADVANTAGE of more cores if you give it more.

Two cores WILL run the CRJ fine. Bear in mind that both cores will likely run around 100% (this is good, though...optimization). A CPU with only two cores will run at very warm temperatures, but provided you have a modern case with good ventilation you shouldn't expect any issues.

I am currently testing the CRJ on 'Extreme' settings in the resolution screen with a dual core E6850 and an AMD Radeon 5870 video card. On this setup I get about 35 fps. It's very usable. :)

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hehehe. I said rind instead of find.  what a melon.  :D  Ok! thanks :)   

Ha, maybe it's a new hip way of expressing excitement, like 'phat plane that, its so sick I'll rind it over every airport i can find, dude'


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So with all this core talk, and the mention of A core 2 duo system, I can help but ask whether it will run fine on my mediocre system: 3.06 GHZ core2duo, 256VRAm and 4GB RAM.

I develop most of the time on a Core2Duo E8600.

You can rest assured that with "sensible" X-Plane settings you will not be hitting the dreaded wall of fog. Sensible means that you are not supposed to max out forest and car density. But you wouldn't do this on your PC anyway, wouldn't you?

As a direct comparison, the CRJ in X-Plane feels more fluent than the PMDG747 in FSX on the same PC.


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