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IXEG 733 Development Status

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In addition to the VNAV work we have also these fixes lined up for the next update:


* Added switch in aircraft file to always force experimental flight model on
* Improved tracking ability of nosewheel in tight turns (less skidding)
* A "direct to" turn will not attempt to re-intercept the line between current aircraft position and the waypoint
* Yoke checklist can now be flipped up and down and yellow bug goes all the way to top again
* Added a dataref to indicate if autothrottle is active or not
* Added a preference to "pause on Top of Descent"

Bug fixes

* Fixed right-hand windshield wiper 3D
* Fixed fuel gauge testcycle
* Fixed leading-edge devices lighttest button
* Fixed EGT needle on steam gauges not going higher than 800C
* Fixed hydraulic accumulator pressure on modern gauges always showing full pressure
* Autopilot trim cutout switches will now also stop the speed trim
* Scavange pump will not trigger unless a center-tank pumpswitch has been turned on then off
* Animated stopwatch buttons
* Vertical speed scrollwheel can now turn "infinitely" (instead of running against an invisible turn limit)

Cheers, Jan


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Been a while since an update.   After reaching a natural break point in the VNAV work at the beginnig of the year, the 733 work has since been waiting in the wings.  A few things happened since the last report.  1)  I've been working with Laminar for some projects that will eventually make its way into XP12.   2)  I wrapped up all my other non xplane contract work so that I now only work on my X-Plane projects full time and 3)  I reprioritized my MU2 project as my highest priority now that I'm back developing for xplane full time.  I am targeting releasing my MU2 later this year.  Progress on that is described elsewhere in these forums...so those wondering what I'm doing if I'm working full time XPlane....then the Mu2 is the answer.  Getting the MU2 update out of the way (being long overdue as a 13 year old product) will allow me to resume the 733 work in earnest.  A lot of good things have come out of my work for Laminar and the MU2 work that will allow us to improve the 733 in lots of ways, not only the FMS, but also targeting -400 / -500 variants, wing flex and simply improving the product all around.  The 733 will not be abandonware...no more so than the MU2, which I've maintained for nearly 15+ years.  When it gets in turn in rotation after the MU2 release later this year, it will be front and center for me for quite some time after. 


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another quick update.  Not much has changed since the last report, except I'm a whole lot further along on my MU2 project than I was at last report.  X-Plane is still full time work for me and I'm making steady progress towards returning to this guy.  Jan is standing by for the aftermath of the MU2 release when we jump back onto this guy full time and work the FMC and other 3D for a good while I'm sure.   I suspect we'll be back on the IXEG by the summer months.


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