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Problems with autopilot altitude

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I am having issue with the altitude hold with the autopilot. Last flight I made I selected 17,000 feet limit but the autopilot went through that limit. I finally realized that when over 18000 feet so I pressed the VS and nosed down to 800ft/min. The plane would not pitch down. It keeps climbing at 1,500ft/min... I then hit the altitude button again to try to stabilize but no luck, keeps climbing! I am using the latest version of the TBM and the latest non-beta version of X-Plane 11.3x. I doubt it is something I am doing wrong because I use the same procedure with other airplanes and the G1000 without issues, but if it's me, please somebody tell me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And yes, the autopilot was on. I also tried disconnecting and enabling again, using the speed limit for climb, FLC, etc but same results. Thx


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Thanks to both of you for your reply. I just tried another flight as I was pretty sure I had switched the AP trim on but now I made sure and it worked perfectly. I guess I did not do it the time before or perhaps I just flipped it to AP Off instead... Anyways, all good now. Thanks again for the help!

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