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Hi Goran & Company - love the plane, thank you so much! In fact, I'm working on some cockpit building stuff targeting this fantastic airplane, and I noticed that y'all have added a custom command to toggle the barometer between standard and dialed-in values. Hooking that up to a control has been perfect, but I wasn't able to find a dataref reflecting the current state thereof - would it be possible to add such in a future update? Thanks again!

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@Goran_M Nah, I've got the command working just fine; but I'd like a (potentially readonly) dataref to represent the state of the barometer so I can use it to represent that state on a display I'm building (i.e. "STD mode" vs "manually set"), especially given that the custom-implemented STD mode doesn't just force the barometer to 29.92"Hg, but rather saves the current setting so that in can be restored upon a second press of the BARO knob. so basically, just a boolean, readonly dataref that says "BARO is locked to STD" or "BARO is set as dialed"; pretty much like the BARO field on the PFD when you press the button - note that that field says "STD" when the button is pressed, but says the actual numerical value if you manually dial it to 29.92. Thanks!

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