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Fuel Calculations

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That is not the problem but it would be nice to see the actual figures versus the ones i came up with during Flight Planning


On 6/10/2020 at 6:13 PM, Marius_B said:

This COVID lockdown I took the Hotstart TBM around the world in X-Plane 11 :)

25000nm (47000km), 2 weeks time, but it was nice!

You can confidently plan the fuel for your trips at an average of 60gph, 300knots speed, roughly 1500nm between refuels (depending on the winds), so if you are full, you can fly 5 hours without problems


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I think that the Fuel page in the Systems in the G1000 MFD is just indicating the fuel amount in the tanks, I don't think that it is used for any calculations, at least not that I know

I always planned my trip in advance, I knew the leg distance, I pick FL290 or FL300 for long trips and I am cruising at less than 60GPH

At FL290 you have on average a ground speed of 300 knots, so the calculations are pretty easy

If there are other features of the G1000, please tell me

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