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Weather and ice effects VR?


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17 hours ago, Goran_M said:

Neither Saso nor myself have VR, so we can't tell you for sure.  Set icing conditions, stream it and see.  I'll be watching.  Joe from SimVR Labs made us a VR compatible cockpit object, while I make an official one.



These effects dont work in VR!

1.windscreen Rain\ice

2.Broken Windscreen

3.Heatblurs of engine

4.Ice on wings


I highly recomend that the developers buy a vr headset to help adress this issues :)

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1 hour ago, gcbraun said:

I can`t understand how top-tier developers can`t afford VR glasses. It costs less than 200 Euros nowadays. :(


$939 AU dollars.

To support a small but vocal fraction of the market.

Then there's the issue of the hardware you own to run it. Buying a headset does NOT magically upgrade your PC.

This isn't AAA games dev where we make $250 million dollars on launch weekend.


I have a VIVE, I paid some $700 for it. My hardware is barely capable of utilising it. (970M GPU, Laptop.) 

It is mostly unusued and is currently boxed because life circumstance dictates that I don't have the space to set it up.

Thankfully I have a laptop so I can remain productive even with limited space.


Everything is a trade off.


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4 hours ago, jkeye said:

Thanks to the developers for this amazing plane!

Now that XP11.30 is out of beta would it be possible to implement these very desirable features-ice and rain effects in VR-for me this would add so much more to an already great product

On 12/5/2018 at 11:58 AM, ManxJason said:


Yes. Im waiting too :)

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