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Need help with log.txt/TBM or beta crash?


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Well, sure....the final line tells us, most of the time, the cause of the crash.  I've seen that error before, but it could be a combination of things, or 1 thing.  It's not a common error, and, from what I know, is tied to the TBM, but it could be coupled with X-Plane.  That's where my coding skills (none) have to take a rest and leave the rest up to toto.

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i could verify this crash is also on 11.26, even in a clean x-plane installation.

I have no solution, only a workaround that helped me with my crashes:



Problem of this CTD is, you don´t get any debug.log / crashlog, tracehistory, so it will be hard for the developers to find the cause.

I have somestimes crashes, where even the last line in the log is not present :(

However, i personally think it's gizmo, but i´m not able to make any test with deactivated gizmo plugin, because the engine will be shut down (sure... no license ;) )

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