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Odd "restore" behavior

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I thought I would report on something odd that happened to me on 1.03.  FSCloud wasn't working so I thought I would test out a midair flight restore at FL240.  The position, electrics, etc all were fine but the engine was giving no thrust.  It started doing something after 30 seconds or so but by that time I had messed with things too much.  I eventually cut off the fuel and started to cool the engine for a restart which I promptly set on fire due to high altitude >< but then the engine switched to "tie down" state, oddly.  I couldn't remedy this since those buttons are not available in flight.  On the bright side I had a fun time trying to follow emergency procedures (even though I was "getting cold" in the presence of an engine fire lol).  

I don't expect that you would know what happened just from that, but is there a procedure for restoring a flight correctly?  I did Resume Current Flight -> Clicked "yes" when prompted.

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Restoring flights or saving/loading situations in X-Plane rarely works with 3rd party planes, if at all. Planes enhanced by plugins and having custom simulations of various systems (such as this one) have a lot of internal state that's simply not saved by X-Plane, so cannot be restored. For that reasons a few  planes (A319 by ToLiss, A320 by FlightFactor) have custom Save/Load functionality that completely bypasses X-Plane's 'Resume...', and you access them via their own custom menus. So, in short, you shouldn't use Resume/Load/Save of XP with 3rd party planes, as bad things may happen.

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