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[SOLVED] Crash bar always up when starting new flight

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1 hour ago, awebneck said:

@Cameron I have now repeatedly left it down and locked - no power to the aircraft, even the standby instruments manually powered down. Quit X-Plane, Start new flight in same location, and boom: crash bar starts as up and the aircraft essentials start booting without me doing anything.

Can you please attach a log file from such a run? It sounds like the aircraft might be having trouble saving the state files.

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@skiselkov Here you go. The first log is from a short circuit flight from startup to shutdown, after which I promise every thing was shut off including the crashbar. The second log is the log after I quit X-Plane and clicked "Resume Current Flight" (though the same thing happens were I to click "New Flight"). As soon as I was seated in the aircraft, on came the standby instruments, and I looked up and the crash bar was once more up.

Log - Flight to Shutdown.txt

Log - Next Startup.txt

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