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I have been watching the videos and that of other people and still confused. After fmc programmed and on the runway. I have a/t is on, heading is same as compass and speed is at V2, flaps at 5 trim set. Release brake and at 40% hit TOGA, then take off at about 15degrees. Here is my questions do I hand fly speed at 20 past V2 at about 10 degress and when to go from 15 degrees to 10 degress. I know at 1500 ft N1 is climb power. At what point do I use the speed bug to go to around 200 or 210 and retracts flaps and when do I hit autopilot A,  lnav and vnav and climb in flc.

a lot of videos show this but I have bad eyes and cant follow them as well and some videos show lnav set at take off and some work well but I know they are making up there own takeoff rules

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