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Where is system knowledge from ?


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Since this is the general discussion forum, a generall question from me :

We all proudly claim to use at home a plane simulation as close to reality as possible (:blink:you don´t ??  I do:D). Despite of this plane is named Boeing or Airbus or the developer named  Ixeg or FlightFactor or whatelse, where the hell does this in depht system knowledge come from ?

I am working as a developer in an area, where beginning with the first concepts all the development results are at least company restricted, and we do not deliver knowledge to competitors worldwide. And I dont think Boeing or Airbus want to do.

Thus, how can add-on developers programm all those system behaviour and interactions to a degree reacting as the real thing :blink: Just from "google-available documentation" ?


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You are correct, making an accurate high end aircraft, you cannot google/buy everything you need because a lot of it is proprietary. I would guess maybe 30% of what we needed was online. You are highly dependent on getting information from other sources.  It can take years and great effort to get everything you need. It is also a matter of trust, you don't share information with just anyone as this might fall back on the original provider.  Personally I have collected data for 15 years, and my "data/manuals folder" is currently 102 Gigabyte...   Having an in type pilot on the team is also very important. We also spent dozens of hours in the big level D sims testing things we were unsure of and edge of the envelope stuff, many hours in the hangar etc.  Also, once you have the information you need to understand it and know how to use it.  So a technical background is almost mandatory.

So yea, it is not a trivial task making aircraft at this level.

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