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WIP 01 - King Air Cockpit

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Seems like there is a lot of work to do. But it will be spectacular when finished, that's sure. I doubt I will like it as much as I like the MU-2, but it will be a must have.

Thank you guys, with your work X-Plane is getting better and better.

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It's possible rick_studder.  What i mean by that is that I DO have the information to incorporate a "six-pack" version.  Doing 2 different "thorough" versions increases the release time.  The "six pack" version usually takes longer than the glass version and could increase release time drastically; however, I will not sit here an tell you that it won't be done.  I seem to be much faster nowadays then in the MU-2 days and do not have to experiment much with things the way I did on the MU-2 project.  I DO wish to have both versions released in a single package...that much I can tell you.  So I guess it comes down to if I can afford to wait to incorporate both versions I will...if not, I'll have to stagger the releases...but I DO want to do a six-pack version.

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Using talpatalk, this is all I saw 6c5b034f78c390c5a02406e700c00f59.jpg

That said, is old topics banned from commenting Cameron or do you just have nothing else to comment you crazy dude :P In retrospect seems i should have read everything, just jumped the gun when seeing pictures of a cockpit i did not recognize. And in my defence it doesnt say B200 (ref picture), and sorry about the date issue. Was hoping for a B350 B)

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